We are here to help with your decision!! Below are some frequently asked questions that may assist you. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Q: Why can’t I find a provider for the specific service I need?

This happens occasionally due to our strictly enforced qualifications required of Gold Standard® rated companies. Visit our site regularly for updates and newly added Gold Standard® certified businesses. Feel free to email any suggestions for additional service categories by contacting us here.

Q: Can you tell me what the exact rating of each company is?

Our extensive market research enables us to inform you which businesses qualify for the Gold Standard® status in their customers’ eyes. As long as the rating exceeds 90 percent or higher, the company is deemed Gold Standard® worthy, allowing you to choose with confidence.

Q: Why do you limit the number of companies that can earn the Gold Standard® rating?

This strategic approach creates a more competitive market in any given industry. It also allows us to systematically monitor these companies and assure your satisfaction.

Q: I was to find a Gold Standard® rated company in an area that is not listed on the website.  Are you going to publish The Consumer Business Review® in my area?

Our diligent pursuit of Gold Standard® candidates stems from our belief in quality over quantity. Although this approach is time consuming, we recognize the significant long-term benefits of these efforts. We will be publishing The Consumer Business Review® in additional markets and hope to be able to find  Gold Standard® rated companies in your area. Feel free to e-mail any area or company suggestions by contacting us here.

Q: I am a local business and want to know if I qualify to earn the Gold Standard® rating. How do I submit my business?

Businesses are chosen by local homeowners in the market and are asked to participate by invitation only. From this invitation, we then begin the research to determine eligibility. Please encourage your customers to e-mail us and suggest your inclusion in The Consumer Business Review® by contacting us here. If you are a business owner and you want to appear on the Consumer Business Review site, learn more on our Pro Signup page!

Q: Is there a fee for homeowners to use Consumer Business Review to contact professional contractors?

There is no cost for homeowners to use Consumer Business Review. We can mail you a book or you can use our site to find contractors.

Q: How do I review a Consumer Business Review pro?

Upon completion of a job, you will be sent a follow-up email which contains the link to review your pro.

Q: Are Consumer Business Review pros independent Contractors?

All companies featured by the Consumer Business Review are independent contractors and set their own pricing, schedule, and other business policies. Each company is responsible for maintaining their insurance and state licensing and we suggest that each homeowner verify the information before selecting their contractor. The Consumer Business Review team continuously monitors the businesses that are featured and encourage you to review all the professionals you have worked with on our site.

Q: How are Consumer Business Review contractors vetted?

Consumer Business Review professionals are all vetted the same way. Our extensive vetting process is always shared with you so that you can vet the contractor as extensively as needed. We are always here to help if you have any questions about our process or how to verify licensing. Our vetting can be seen here (link to the vetting process section of the homepage) :

Q: How do Consumer Business Review contractors get listed?

Once a Consumer Business Review contractor passes our vetting process, we set up a profile for the business online. If a company you’ve used isn’t featured yet, submit a nomination so other members can find out about their work!

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