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The Consumer Business Review® was created
to help homeowners find the top home
service companies in your area. Our goal in
creating this review was to provide
information in a quick, easy to find manner
so that you could Choose with Confidence®
when finding a home service company to
meet your needs.

The Consumer Business Review® remains
dedicated to providing you with accurate
information and is always here to listen. If
you have a comment or concern about any of
the home service companies featured in our
publication, please let us know.

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Attaining the Gold Standard

The Consumer Business Review® conducts extensive research to bring you factual results from ACTUAL
homeowners about the home service companies featured. An overview of our Gold Standard® Rating
Process can best be shown as:

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With CBR, I never have to worry about doing extensive research. Finding the right contractor got so much easier. Thank you CBR!

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Signing up with CBR saved me so much time, I can easily find any Pro contractor that is verified.

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